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Employee Benefits

Protection Now and For Your Future

A solid Employee Benefits program provides you the ability to attract, maintain, and retain the best employees, and is the foundation of a satisfied, productive work force.  We work closely with our clients to find the right fit for their needs.  Premier Insurance's employee benefits programs and services can provide your organization with cost savings, a more productive and healthy workforce, increased compliance, and a stronger and more viable financially sound business.

Why Premier Insurance?

We understand running a business and how important benefits are.  When it comes to your company benefits program, we believe it's important to measure the risks and manage the results and costs to your business.  We help our clients accomplish this with expert advice, resources, and tools to implement a solid benefit program.

 Employee Benefits Services Employee Benefits Products 
 • Benefits Plan Design & Administration  • Group Medical
 • Wellness Solutions  • Dental
 • Health Care Reform Resources  • Vision
 • Employee Handbooks  • Life Insurance an AD & D
 • Benefit Statements (the hidden paycheck)  • Short-term Disability
 • Newsletters and updates  • Long-term Disability
 • Compliance with State and Federal regulations such as      • Voluntary Benefits/Worksite Products
    COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA and ERISA  • Self Insured/Fully Insured
 • Human Resources Support  • Wellness Programs
 • Employee Education Enrollment Services and on site  • Individual Life and Health
    meetings  • Long-term Care
 • HR 360 library with sample forms and procedures  

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