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Should I Offer Telemedicine to My Employees? Updated January 7, 2020 In recent years, telemedicine has begun to transform how patients obtain outpatient healthcare services. With benefits for both employers and employees, this is a service that more employers are including in their health plan ... READ MORE >>

Business Interruption Insurance – An important endorsement for BOP Business Interruption Insurance or Business Loss Insurance is an often neglected but necessary endorsement. Why should you advise your clients to add this to their business insurance cost? And more importantly, what do you need to tell them before they buy it? READ MORE >>

Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Overview Commercial property and casualty insurance is key for ensuring your business’ success both now and in the future. From mitigating costs during a major storm to protecting your reputation during a lawsuit, property and casualty insurance is a category of insurance policies that can cover a wide range of risks. READ MORE >>

Thank God it’s Thursday? Making the case for a four-day workweek Americans are widely credited with working longer hours than their global counterparts, and the constant demands of technology and 24/7 communication mean work is harder to turn off. READ MORE >>

What's the diffrence?  Commercial Insurance Vs. P&C Insurance and your business   On a fundamental level, insurance is essentially an agreement between a person or business and an insurer that outlines an arrangement that the insurer will pay the insured party a sum of money if a particular event happens in the future. READ MORE >>

3 ways to strengthen your company culture in 2020 There is more and more awareness of the importance of workplace culture. As we enter a new decade, leaders are becoming aware of the need to create an environment where increasingly scarce and in-demand talent will choose to work. READ MORE >>

13 Interesting Insurance Facts   Insurance Fact #1 | The Padres have signed the same player for 23 years so he doesn’t lose his health insurance. The San Diego Padres have signed former left-handed pitcher Matt LaChappa to a minor league deal each year sin... READ MORE >>

Expired Microsoft operating systems pose cybersecurity threats for businesses Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 have reached their end-of-life date, leaving systems more exposed than ever before. By Denny Jacob | January 30, 2020 READ MORE >>

Cape Coral #1!  Boomtowns with the fastest growing job markets since 2014 Shared from EBN- Paul Centopani Paul Centopani is a reporter for National Mortgage News Growing job markets bring population shifts with the influx leading to rising home prices. READ MORE >>

Create Your Own Hurricane Management Plan Hurricane season began June 1 and continues until the end of November. Being prepared is the key to minimizing damage to property, limiting operational shutdown and recovering quickly after a disaster. With summer approaching, the start of hurricane season (June 1-Nov. READ MORE >>

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