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Paid Leave Is A Competitive Advantage For Small Businesses The employment rate is the lowest it's been in decades so expect the competition for talent to heat up. With a little ingenuity, even smaller firms can get an edge. READ MORE >>

4 actions HR departments should take to prepare for GDPR The new regulations mean companies need to update processes around the lifecycle of basic employee personal data, such as health information and family details. READ MORE >>

26 Common HR Terms Every Small Biz Owner Should Know Open your own business, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. While running a small business is rewarding in many aspects, you probably never realized just how many other processes you’d have to manage that aren’t your specialty. READ MORE >>

Exit strategy: Keys to successfully leaving your business Succession planning begins 5-10 years before turning over the keys. Most business owners dream of either selling their company or passing it onto the next generation. Whatever the plan, the goal is a successful transition for all involved. READ MORE >>

Advice on Business Liability Insurance Think your business won't get sued? Think again. Welcome to week three of our look at the varying types of insurance you may want to purchase. This week, we leave behind the vast and murky pond of disability insurance and wade into the deeper and even murkier waters that characterize business liability coverage. READ MORE >>

Five Practices Driving Up Your Business Insurance Premiums   Most business owners are looking for ways to decrease business expenses including the cost of their commercial insurance premiums. But there are many companies out there that actually increase their business insurance premiums due to the way they run their business. READ MORE >>

Small businesses, franchises need to tread lightly with association health plans The proposed rules broaden and relax the business purpose and standards by allowing small business owners to join together to sponsor an association health plans. READ MORE >>

Managing risk at the happiest place on Earth At twice the size of Manhattan, Walt Disney World faces many of the same risks as a large city. It's how they manage those risks that makes them unique. By Patricia L. Harman | April 04, 2018 at 12:00 AM   READ MORE >>

Workers' comp vs. personal injury: Understanding the differences is essential An employee's workplace injury may fit into a number of claims categories. Here is an overview of the ways personal injury and workers' comp claims differ. By Mark R. Schmidt and George G. Rassias | February 06, 2018 at 08:00 AM READ MORE >>

New construction technology is an insurance game changer The construction industry is in the midst of a digital revolution that has far-reaching implications for site safety, risk management and insurance. By Pete Schermerhorn | February 26, 2018 at 04:10 AM READ MORE >>

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