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Premier Insurance Corp Blog: 6_2016

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SAFETY TIPS Sparkler & Fireworks Safety More than 50,000 fires are caused by fireworks every year. Take the proper precautions when operating fireworks. Never disassemble or try to make your own fireworks. Don’t point sparklers, or fireworks at yourself or others, especially while they’re being lit. READ MORE >>

How to Choose and Use Sunscreen For the longest time, sunscreen labels used terms like “sunblock” and “waterproof” that made you believe the products could block out the sun or stay on your skin no matter how wet and sweaty you got. But the truth is that no sunscreen can do either. READ MORE >>

Are You Covered If Your Subcontractor's Work Isn't Done Right?   Acme Construction, a home building company, constructed 20 homes in 2003. It hired subcontractors to perform the concrete work, plumbing, wiring, and roofing. One year later, it received complaints from two of the homeowners about cracks in their foundations. READ MORE >>

Forgiving Other People Is Good for Your Health Being forgiving to yourself and others can protect against stress and the toll it takes on mental health, according to a new study in the Journal of Health Psychology. READ MORE >>

A Professional Surety Bond Producer Should Be Part of Your Advisory Team Surety companies typically issue surety bonds through surety bond producers, also known as agents or brokers. A surety bond producer will know and understand different bonding companies' underwriting standards and practices, and can match the needs of a contractor with the right surety company. READ MORE >>

Checking to See if Car Insurance is Road Trip Ready   Car owners looking to drive across the country this summer had better make sure their car insurance can handle it. Whether it's a family road trip, college break or a solo driving adventure, most drivers need to be ready for unexpected surprises they might find on their expedition. READ MORE >>

Stretching Exercises at Your Desk: 12 Simple Tips   Try these stretching exercises at your desk -- or anywhere else -- to ease back pain and boost energy. You may feel awkward doing stretching exercises at your desk. READ MORE >>

25 ways to keep your auto and home safe from thieves this summer Criminals don't take a summer break   One of the best ways to save on Auto and Homeowners' insurance is to stay claims-free. Securing your vehicle and house will help prevent theft, save you money along with the hassle of dealing with unexpected property losses this summer. READ MORE >>

Workplace mindfulness training produces key benefits Much of the research demonstrating benefits of mindfulness practice – stable attention, reduced stress, emotional resilience, and improved performance at work – focus on the benefits for the individual practicing mindfulness. READ MORE >>

5 Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp The way you live, what you eat and drink, and how you treat your body can affect your memory just as much as your physical health and well-being. Here are five things you can do every day to keep both your mind and body sharp. 1. Manage your stress. READ MORE >>

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